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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer bilingual high quality, comprehensive, community-based early childhood education, health, and human services to the community of East Harlem.  To utilize the talent of the parents, staff and community to promote a healthier lifestyle and a better future and to reflect the socio-cultural fabric of “EL BARRIO”, one of the oldest Spanish speaking communities in the city of New York.


Our mission is to provide an educational foundation for our children that will allow them to succeed in school and in all areas of their lives after they leave us healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  Working together with the families in the educational process and transforming them into advocates is one of our goals. Parents are provided with tools to develop their own skills to explore and achieve their own dreams


Parents become achievers of their own dreams and aspirations moving toward independence and self-sufficiency. 


It is part of our mission to provide the best and most extensive support services within the program and to develop partnerships with community resources that can help us carry out our mission.


Our dedicated staff provides children with a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment, in order to prepare them for success in school.

We are...


Since 1965, the East Harlem Council for Human Services, Inc. has provided the highest quality of fully bilingual health, social services, and the head start services to the East Harlem community. 


Bilingual Head Start has a reputation for innovation and excellence. Our early childhood services and the family engagement component support families and prepare children for success. Bilingual Head Start is a Nationally Award-winning program for providing healthy food to our students and families. 

"Begin is the way to begin."  Eleonor Roosevelt

Our Mission

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